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Since the eureka moment that first brought Blundstone to Australia in 1870, they’ve been revolutionizing boots with durability, fit and versatility.

There’s a reason that the right pair of Blundstones can feel like they were made for you with scientific precision. With so many styles to choose from, we stirred things up, subtracted the guesswork, and solved for a solution we think you’ll love: The Blundstone Fit Lab. It’s a tried-and-tested method that turns ‘guess’ into ‘yes’, so that you can find the perfect Blundstone for your lifestyle, in just a few simple steps.

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What makes a Blundstone a Blundstone? It’s in the D.N.A (Durability, Nature-proofing, Adaptable fit). Often imitated, never duplicated, some of Blundstone’s most recognizable features include:

Waterproof leather
Double Tabs
Serious Soles
Shock protection system

Waterproof Real waterproofing meets real leather that molds to your foot with wear, for breathable comfort that stays dry (and the elastic’s waterproof, too!).
Double Tabs Don’t be afraid to use them! Two pull tabs act as a built-in boot jack for the ultimate easy-on ease.
Serious Soles Injection-molded soles and heat-formed heels means there’s no adhesive to come unglued, no stitching to rot, and a better overall fit. A thermo-eurathane outsole stays resistant to oil, grease, abrasion, and microbes, too.
Shock protection system Blundstone’s signature shock-absorption reduces skeletal stress by dispersing heel strike impact and transmitting 33% less shock to knees and joints.

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Want to know why Blundstone has been in business for over 150 years? It’s simple: Survival of the fittest. Below, check out our different styles, each uniquely evolved and adapted for different lifestyles, each built to last.

Chisel toe

Original Where it all started. World-famous, world-loved. Because they’re a classic.
Chisel toe A more refined style for those who need no occasion to dress up.
Lace-up A rugged twist on the outstanding standard.
Heel Elevated and elegant, for a sleek strut that lasts.

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find your perfect fit

Why go in double-blind? Find the Blundstone style and size that’s best for you with our tested and retested Fit Lab formula. For reliable results, no experimenting required.

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